Dengue Dengue Dengue!


Peruvian audiovisual duo Dengue Dengue Dengue create a sort of Cumbia infused musical hybrid that deconstructs certain genres from around the world before reconstructing them with the addition of a recognizable Peruvian flair. Signed to Portuguese label Enchufada, who also feature numerous other interesting artists such as Buraka Som Sistema and the UK’s T. Williams and Zulu, DDD fit in snugly with the bass-y, tropical vibe of the label.

Hailing from Lima, Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira concoct tracks that utilise thick, heavy bass sounds whilst simultaneously taking influence from the “psychedelic Cumbia scene of the ’70s”. Their new single, Lokumba, appeared online 3 days ago. Be prepared fro some heavy-hitting bass and ominous synth notes later on.

They include free downloads too. Isn’t that nice?